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Welcome to Van High Manor. I’m your host, Debbie Van High! You may know me as the acclaimed author of A Murder Most Plum, After, Ever After and my Short Stories. I’ve made my fortunes from my writing and now live in a big ass house and what better way to celebrate this than with the sim selves of those creative beings around me?

With Halloween fast approaching what better way to celebrate than by hosting a Dinner Party and it wouldn’t be a VanityHigh party without it having a theme, and it’s one of my favourites! The Murder Mystery! The invites have been sent, the stage has been set and on Friday 30th @ 9pm GMT the guest will arrive. There are six parts to the evening, which will be split over Friday and Saturday and then an after party for all our simmies to booties through the wee hours.

Six guests will arrive, but when the secrets start spilling where will the fingers start pointing? Join me for a classic Whodunnit and see if the guests survive the night *insert maniacal laugh here*

The Scenario:

The sun is setting beyond the rolling hills of Newcrest and you find yourself standing in the front hall of the main house on Killingsburg farm.

You arrived earlier today to see Liz Killingsburg, a recent window who, due to hard times, is looking to sell the farm that she and her husband purchased just over a year ago.

Five others have joined you in the hall. Liz, however, is not present. The strangers around you are looking at you with interest. You help yourself to a drink from the hall table and introduce yourself….


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